The following question exists:

Currently, the following are duplicates of it:

Also currently, the following are not duplicates of it:

If those open questions are not duplicates, are the currently closed questions also not duplicates? If those closed questions are duplicates, are the currently open questions also duplicates? Which of these questions should and should not be marked as a duplicate of the general "What counts as an attack" question?


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From How should duplicate questions be handled?

When are two questions considered duplicates?

According to Stack Exchange co-founder Joel Spolsky, we should only close real duplicates, and according to co-founder Jeff Atwood, there are three kinds of duplicates: cut-and-pastes, accidental duplicates, and borderline duplicates (requiring judgement as applied by the community).

Questions may be duplicates if they have the same (potential) answers. This includes not only word-for-word duplicates, but also the same idea expressed in different words.

Questions asking about the same aspect of the same concept, but with different examples, may or may not be considered duplicates. It depends how easy it is to figure out one example from the other. If it's only a matter of changing one small part of the question (e.g. in the case of coding sites, some numerical values or some variable names), they're duplicates. If understanding why the questions are at all related requires a detailed explanation, the questions aren't duplicates, merely related.

So, using these criteria, a question is a duplicate if it is wholly answered by determining if something is or is not an attack. If the question includes issues about whether a feature applies to (some) attacks or not, or if it applies to things that aren't attacks then it is not a duplicate. For some of these, we are in borderline territory.


These are all variations on "Is X an attack?"

Not duplicates


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