In this question I had a parenthetical statement that was a little too long and would interrupt the flow of the question. I decided to place it at the end, in a smaller font, using the subscript command as I see often see done here. However, I also wanted to include within it a spoiler.

I found that I could make it a spoiler,

like this

or I could make it subscript

like this

But that I could not have a spoiler within the subscript,

>! like this

I don't really understand what blocktext is, but there are plenty of posts on meta about blocktext not working in spoiler, such as:

Is this a bug in the spoiler quote rendering?

Is my problem an example of this? Is there a solution?


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Re order the tags:

subscript spoiler | normal spoiler

>! <sub>subscript spoiler</sub> | normal spoiler

The line needs to start with >!. You can put subscript inside the spoiler, but you can't wrap the whole spoiler in subscript with <sub>>! spoiler</sub> like you were doing.


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