Concerning the question: How rare is this artificer magic item I created?

This question was closed as unclear. The author has revised, and their revisions include addressing concerns in comments (such as specifying in what way the item uses a healing kit). That revision was rolled back and the question remains closed.

I suspect we're doing the author a disservice here in not making it clear what we actually expect from them.

What does this author need to specifically do in order to get their question reopened?


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In a comment, I stated explicitly what I wanted to see for my reopen vote.

I wrote a comment right after rolling back the edit:

I've rolled back the edit for now, as iterations of homebrew reviews should be posted as new questions at least 72 hours after the first posting. The details I wanted to see for reopening were answers to NautArch's two comments here and here

The two comments from NautArch were:

Are other players getting homebrew items? If so, can you let us know what those are and what rarity was assigned?

Also, I'm not quite sure I understand the question. Are you asking what the rarity of an item that does all three is, or three separate items? I'm pretty sure it's the former, right?

I rolled back the edit because the revisions were substantive changes to the content in response to the posted answers, which we have a rule against. I then left a comment stating explicitly what I wanted to see out of the question before reopening. So I'm not sure this is accurate:

I suspect we're doing the author a disservice here in not making it clear what we actually expect from them.

My comment was clear and asked explicitly for some concrete information.

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    \$\begingroup\$ More as a general reminder for folks, it's very easy for outstanding requests to be lost when it starts being a long comment thread, so it's very helpful to flag obsolete comments as No Longer Needed. I've done a compromise now (partially to not lose anything should it be important) of moving a bunch of comments to chat, which should at least help a bit. \$\endgroup\$
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