I've just discovered a comment from the Community bot under an answer that says the following:

the comment, quoted below

Please add further details to expand on your answer, such as working code or documentation citations. – Community♦ 22 mins ago

Now, the answer has some quality issues and could do with citations, but... this is not a programming site. We don't add “working code” to our answers and “documentation citations” is not exactly how I'd phrase a request to quote some rules and/or personal experience of what works in practice. This seems to be a Stack Overflow experiment that's spilled over here incorrectly or without the necessary changes.

I can't flag this comment for removal, either—I'm blocked from doing so by the system itself:

screenshot of a flag dialog where I've attempted to flag the comment for removal with the reason “this isn't a programming site.” I am stopped from doing so by the system which shows a message, quoted below.

This comment will be automatically removed by the system when the post is corrected.

Could these comments please be switched off here?

Here's a link to the comment.



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