I went to vote to close a question on my phone earlier, and got this experience:

  1. Went to close > duplicate. The close button is disabled. I need to pick the question this one's a duplicate of, first, and I intend to pick the one right there that everyone else has been voting for.

    I don't know its question number - there's an input box right there, which you can only tell is there from the screenshot because it causes a notch in the right-hand border. That means there's a CSS bug, too, probably.

    I guess I need to tap it to select it before I vote for it. I do so.

  2. The entire question loads in the close pane - the question itself and every answer in full. It takes a lot of scrolling before I can reach the bottom - see the little green bar on the right hand side? That's my scrollbar. It's not usually that tiny.

  3. I reach the bottom after a little while. There's the close button!

I didn't need to see all of that to vote for it as a duplicate, especially not in a mobile browser. I don't remember it being like this the last time I voted to close a question on my phone (admittedly, that was months ago).

Apparently on desktop, it loads the question into a scrollable frame!

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