So, this question was closed because it's a video-game question.

It's tagged with because, well, presumably the asker couldn't find any more appropriate tags and just tagged it with something.

So, here's the problem:

  • It soooo not an question, but now it shows up at the top of the tag's question list.
  • It has to have at least one tag, like every other question, so I can't remove without adding some other one.
  • There are no appropriate tags, since it's a question about something this site doesn't cover.

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In this case, the question should be deleted after a little while. Since the guy has seen he's OT already, I've deleted it now. Super off topic questions should get deleted as well as closed.

In the rarer case when it's closed, shouldn't be deleted, and has bad tags - I find it hard to muster up much caring. If someone super anal wants to fix the tags, have at it.


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