So we have a post notice now for game-rec questions. That's great, there's just one problem.

Only 3 people on this site are capable of applying it.

This request is for one of two things, either:

  • Apply the tag automatically when is applied. Since this is a notice that should appear on all questions with this tag it would be appropriate to add it to all of them automatically. There are some legitimate concerns on the code base side that Grace Note alludes to here. I don't know the codebase, and I don't know how much SE would be willing to change the model here just for us.


  • Allow normal users to apply (and potentially review via the queues) applications of post notices, or a subset of them. Honestly, the post notices are as follows

    • Citation Needed
    • Insufficient Explanation
    • Current Event
    • Custom Post notice per-site

    These all (with the possible exception of Insufficient Explanation), seem like that can be applied by high users with a minimal amount of review. I'm of the mind that this should be a rep based privilege akin to protecting questions. Let is happen right away, let high (~10-20k) rep users add it and then queue them up to be reviewed a few days later to see if the post has been edited that the post notice is no longer appropriate.

Over the last 3 months, we've averaged about 2 of these a week. That's obviously not too much, but if the post notice is going to be a useful feature it has to be something that more than 3 of us can apply.


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