I keep seeing spam questions on the site. Usually about poker, for some reason. What should I do about those? They make me angry. They make me want to HULK SMASH.

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You should flag them!

links beneath the tags on a question: share / edit / close / flag

Choose the spam reason, naturally.

"spam: exists only to promote a product or service; does not disclose the author's affiliation."


  • vote to close them; you're wasting your close votes.
  • downvote it; flagging it as spam automatically downvotes it for you.

If you flag it (see the link right below the tags?) it'll come to a moderator's attention the next time they visit the site. Next to the link that takes us to the moderation tools, there's a little icon that shows moderators how many flags are in the system, so they always see flags immediately.

Also, if an item gets enough flags, it's automagically deleted!

If you feel like this isn't enough, comment and/or link it in chat suggesting other people flag the question.


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