Are there any options for grouping together those questions? I've seen a number of them now, most of them attract really good answers. But they seem to be a common theme and I might imagine that many people who are looking for one of these might also be interested in others.

Is it possible to do something a Community Wiki post where we gather all of them together? Maybe add a new tag to all of them? Or is the site not supposed to work like that?

I can see the whole set of questions together to be an amazing resource for people who are trying to work on their roleplaying skills (whether as a player or DM).

For reference, here's some of the questions I'm talking about:

How can I DM a character with more social skills than me?

How do I roleplay a character more intelligent than I am?

How can I roleplay a character more manipulative than myself?

How do I GM a character immeasurably more intelligent than myself?


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These all fall under our tag. "How to roleplay X better" is a subset of roleplaying problems, so the tag fits. Do we need a more specific tag for this subset though? Not really: Since most possible questions about how to play a role are actually too subjective for the Stack, these questions are a significant proportion of those under the tag, so they're easy enough to find, when they're properly tagged.


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