Given that game-rec questions are no longer on-topic for the site, should we change the tag description to make this clear? At the moment, its existence with a full description gives the impression that those types of question are still OK.


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The tag's excerpt and full description were edited in August when game-recs became off-topic, and currently read:

“Shopping” questions asking for a recommendation on a game system, product, tool, or similar are off-topic at RPG.SE as of August 24th, 2015. Click “Learn more…” or “info” for details.

Recommendation questions, also known as “shopping questions,” are off topic at Role-playing Games Stack Exchange. Although once allowed under restrictive community-developed guidelines, these guidelines were retired August 24th, 2015 when it was deemed that the guidelines did not achieve their original goals. Thus ended RPG.SE's experiment with making “shopping” questions on-topic.

So that's done.

As for eliminating the tag itself, it's unfortunately not an option currently because it would untag a number of existing questions and make existing game-rec questions unfindable. It also accurately describes those questions, and in the event that game-rec ever returns to RPG.se, nuking the tag now would cause more harm than good to the posts it's on.

For the time being, the tag is a necessary evil, despite the guidance in the help (which I recall but am failing to find right now) that says tags can be taken as a guide to what is on-topic. On the plus side though, it acts as “bait”† to self-label questions for closing as off-topic.

† No implications of wrongdoing intended, of course.


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