I've just been awarded First Responder:

"You earned First Responder on Role-playing Games!

Despite the fact that shouldn't be possible for 2017 yet:

"post a message in chat within ±12 hours of the UTC New Year’s begin that gets starred"

But I did have a message starred in chat around new years' during last Winterbash. Did the year not get set properly?

I haven't had a message posted by me starred in chat for a few days.

[wears his buggy hat nevertheless]

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    \$\begingroup\$ this has happened to me as well, just to illustrate that it isn't just one person \$\endgroup\$
    – trogdor
    Dec 19 '16 at 0:25

Yeah, that was a bug. Fixed now, thanks! The details are in First Responder hat of the 2016 winter bash.


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