I am writing a heavy edit to my own question: Do players know that Wizards don't wear armour?

ShadowKras mentioned the ability to make a knowledge check to determine class features and abilities. If I had known of this, I would have asked a very different question.

But now that I have this information, and am making a large edit to make the question less terrible, should I:

  1. Ask a question that implies I don't know of the feature, and therefore make the answer valid?

  2. Ask a question that includes that knowledge, and therefore makes the actually helpful answer invalid?

  3. Just... abandon the bad question and ask a new one? (This doesn't seem very ethical, but the easiest solution on a purely personal level.)


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It depends on the situation, but in this case it's best to ask a new one. There are several answers already, and changing the question would make them invalid. That fact, plus that you now know something that gives you a new question to ask, tips it substantially towards being simpler, cleaner, and truer to post a new question.


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