While researching up some examples for my recent suggestion for a new close reason, I found this. It's pretty awesome, so I want to bounty it. But I can't find the bounty button! After some experimentation, it looks like it's actually just not there. I have one on the main site but not here.

Is there some different amount of rep you need for meta bounties? Is this a bug? Is meta rep secretly tracked differently? What's going on?


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Meta just doesn't have the bounty feature at all. (MSE is the exception.) The only canonical reason I have found is that

There is no bounty system on per-site metas because per-site metas have no reputation system.

… but of course one then wonders why can't main site reputation be sacrificed for a bounty on meta! The sense I get is that SE just doesn't want bounties to influence the per-site child metas.

It's worth noticing too that on main, bountying a question makes it Featured, while on meta, Featured questions are controlled by a mod-only tag.

There is an open feature request though: Bounty-like feature on metas.


While bounties aren't really in line with the way meta works, I'm a big fan of showing appreciation for exceptional effort and I've been thinking I should do it more with exceptional meta participation as well. So here's a couple thoughts on how I might be able to do so:

  • Meta's a bit more lax about comments than mainsite, so an appreciative comment is often not out of place. I shouldn't tack it onto an already bloated thread, though.
  • Often I find active meta users on chat as well, where an @ ping can send them an appreciative word without adding to meta comment bloat. (If you're not an elected moderator, @ pings only work in chat if the name auto-completes; if it doesn't, the target user hasn't been in that room recently enough to continue getting notifications.)


That's not a thing on meta--participation here is its own reward =)

Here's the stack-wide answer on the topic: https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/77687/311001


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