So we have a discussion about , and one of the sources of confusion is the assumption that and refer to the D&D spell schools of those names. Meanwhile, has tag info that focuses on raising the dead—which does not cover the entirety of the D&D school of Necromancy—and has no tag info at all, but is tagged on questions about summoning a creature or object, which is what the word means.

Notably, this means that things that fall in these D&D schools—say, curses, or healing, or teleportation—shouldn’t actually get these tags, but rather or or .

(On the other hand, we also have and —the latter of which is also defined as a type of spell rather than a reference to a D&D spell school—, but those seem, to me, to be less confusing, less likely to be assumed to refer to the spell schools, and in any event those D&D schools lack “surprising” effects.)

Does this mean we should rename and , to be clearer that they refer to a specific sort of effect that is a sub-set of what falls under those D&D spell schools? Say, (which already exists anyway, and is on way more questions than ) and or something. Or should we just rely on the tag info to clarify, and appropriate moderation to correct mistakes where they occur?

These seem far less dire than to me, but there was enough discussion of them in the other question that I thought the issue should be raised. Particularly , where and (and , at least in some editions of D&D) already exist and are much bigger, and it’s unclear what questions should be tagged instead of one of those. “Conjuration” is not necessarily the first term most people think of for these effects, except perhaps coming from a D&D background. “Necromancy,” on the other hand, probably is the first word most think of when it comes to animating the undead (even if the word’s origin is as a form of divination performed with dead animals).


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Personally, I would leave alone, but I probably would re-tag things tagged with ; the latter’s the bigger tag, and probably the more common name for those effects, and it seems to apply to each of the questions currently tagged . I am undecided on the issue of synonyms here, though.

UPDATE: Conjuration (mostly) spirited away

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    \$\begingroup\$ This is exactly what I was going to write. When I saw [conjuration] created this was exactly what I thought, but took a wait-and-see approach. If the result of that wait is that it's causing confusion about what our tags are fundamentally for, its time is up. \$\endgroup\$ Mar 8, 2018 at 16:30

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