These are all questions asking about re-roll abilites (such as the lucky feat) and critical successes or failures.

All of the answers seem to be the same, with differences in length and substance.

Should these questions be closed and rolled together, and if so how?

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Duplicates are about duplicate questions, not duplicate answers

Yes, some questions will have the same answers: for example, \$2+2=4\$, \$2^2=4\$, \$6-2=4\$. They are not duplicates merely because of that.

They might be duplicates if the questions are about different specific examples that are symptomatic of a more general problem.

To my mind, these questions do not obviously meet these criteria: each OP had a different problem - one of the solutions to which may be common to all of them but remember the stack embraces a plurality of answers. Other solutions may be unique to the specific circumstances and these can be lost by prematurely marking posts as duplicates.

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Close the dupes as dupes

It's the same approach as always. The questions are clearly duplicates, the body text is essentially the same. The first one is a particular case of the other two, but the second (which is mine, just to be clear) and third are the same, with the exception that I include Death Saving Throws as an example besides the Nat 1s and Nat 20s. The third question clearly states "My issue is understanding the concept "Before the outcome is determined".", which is exactly what I ask about in my own.

Which one remains?

I vote for my own, even though it was asked way more recently. My reasoning is:

  • The 3rd question also asks about Portent and Bardic Inspiration. Portent is not before the outcome, but before the roll, so it's a completely different question. This part of the question seems to be ignored by the answers, and I would say if it is important the question should be closed as too broad as it's two questions in one.
  • More importantly, Vigil's answer to my question has more backing up from actual rulebooks (citing the fundamental rules of D&D and quoting Illusory Step, which are vaguely mentioned in Derek's answer, which is accepted in the original question).

The question itself can be improved, but I already think it states a single problem better than the original one, and I certainly think the answer is better than the answers in the original question. For both these reasons I'd say close the "original" question as a duplicate.


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