The question title says it all really. is only used in four questions, and I'm struggling to see why it exists. is far more established as a tag, and I have no issue with it.

So, should exist?

Specifically it's tagged on:


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It looks like this cropped up in July 2017 in response to a discussion around synonymising content-identification and product-identification together. Specifically, SevenSidedDie suggested they shouldn't get synonymised directly together, but could be both synonymised into materials-identification.

It didn't catch on, but its introduction might've just gone unnoticed.

I think we ought to retag these into content-identification or product-identification case by case and let the tag vanish again for now, unless/until we're ready to merge them together.

Aug 7 2018: I've just now removed the tag from those questions and replaced it with or .


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