My question was put on hold for being off topic. More specifically because I supposedly ask about the game.

This is not true at all and even edited it in for more clarification:

Whats the difference between a Cantrip and a normal spell in the normal tabletop game lorewise and how powerful are they in comparison?

How do Cantrips work exactly and what are they?

The video game was just mentioned at the beginning of the question and nothing more so what is the problem here? Also i reworded it before it was put on hold, so several people voted even after the edit.


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As V2Blast noted in the comments, your question has since been reopened.

But to answer the actual question anyway: this is essentially .

The way the system works is that when there are multiple close votes cast for multiple reason, only the most-voted-upon-reason is displayed. Since it takes 5 votes to close a question (unless done-so by a diamond mod), if 3 of those votes are 'off-topic' and 2 are 'unclear' then the message/reason displayed on the close banner would be the 'off-topic' one.

For example: before your edit that clarified you were asking about the TTRPG rules, not the video game, there were 4 Votes to Close (VtC) as off-topic. After that edit one of those off-topic votes was retracted, leaving 3 off-topic VtC.

I don't know what the last 2 votes were but whether they were 'unclear' or 'too broad' or what-have-you, since there were still 3 'off-topic' votes, they system would still close the question as off-topic.

It is a bit of an unfortunate and sometimes annoying side effect because vote reasons can't be changed once cast and can't be cast again once retracted.


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