The tag currently has no tag info, but there are seven D&D 4e questions with the tag.

is currently used on 92 questions, all but one of which are apparently for D&D 5e. (The only other one is about Mutants & Masterminds. I recently found another M&M question it might apply to, which is what made me discover this issue.)

The tag info for the tag says:

For questions about reactions - an action taken by an entity in response to a trigger happening.

However, because has no tag info, I can't tell whether it falls under the same category as the tag.

Do these two tags describe essentially the same type of thing? If so, should they be synonymized?


These are not the same thing and should not be synonymised.

is an action economy element of D&D 5e beside your action, move, and minor action. You spend it to do something.

and are timings on when a power occurs. They are not an action economy element and do not interact with D&D 4e's standard action, move action, and minor action.

I have added tag wikis to these two D&D 4e tags.

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