I have begun working on a homebrew class for D&D 5e and I plan to ask a critique question on rpg.se once I'm finished. I figured it would be better to ask this meta question now than at the end of the process, so I can use any advice given here to take notes as I write.

How do I show the features from a several-page-long class document? Can I display them off-site on a google doc or must I display the features and tables on RPG.se? When describing the reasoning and play test results for any particular feature, should I do so on se or the google doc/recommended alternative?

Additionally, should I leave out all info not related to the features such as lore and the quick build to lessen the reading? I'm assuming anything not completely feature related is only import on a per-question basis, but is their any information/lore that isn't?


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All information Relevant to the Question Should be on Stack Exchange.

Information necessary for the question, such as the actual details of the class, should be in the post and not a linked document, for a couple reasons:

  • You may delete the linked document at some point in the future, this would make the question be unable to be understood by future Stackizens.
  • You may want to change the information in the document based on the answers given. This would go against our Homebrew-Review policy, as it would cause the answers to be out of context when read in the future.

This means that all information pertinent to answering the question should be viewable in the question, so that if someone in 20 years were to come across the question, it and the answers would make sense in the context of the post.

Linking to documents for other information, such as a sample build, that would not be pertinent to the question would be acceptable as links or in a list of additional resources provided in the question itself.

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    \$\begingroup\$ Just to add; for readability it is very useful to put the text into blockquotes (>) to help distinguish the material from question/context/commentary. \$\endgroup\$
    – Someone_Evil Mod
    Jun 19, 2019 at 17:18

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