This meta question was prompted by the following 3 questions on mainsite (mainly the first two):

  1. Do multiple sources of Temporary Hit Points combine or do you only get one set?
  2. How does Armor of Agathys interact with getting temporary hit points?
  3. Dark One's Blessing and Armor of Agathys Synergy?

Currently, #1 and #3 are both closed as duplicates of #2.

However, question #1 seems to ask more about the general case, and simply uses armor of Agathys and False Life as examples of that general question. In contrast, question #2 specifically asks about armor of Agathys (including in the title), and about what happens to the effect of armor of Agathys (i.e. if you're hit with a melee attack, the other creature takes damage) if the character gains another source of temporary hit points as well. Question #3 seems fairly similar to #2, in that it asks about the effect of armor of Agathys if another source of temp HP is gained.

My initial thought was to wonder if #1 and #2 should be merged (into #1). If they were truly duplicates of one another, then #1 asks about the general case whereas #2 is more specific, so it would make more sense to have the dupe target be the general one. I was thinking that the answers to the #1 and #2 also both address the general case, since there is a general rule. Under this interpretation, #1 would remain the final version, #2 would be merged into it (its answers copied over). I'm unsure if #3 would then be left as a duplicate of the remaining question (#1).

However, upon rereading, a different interpretation occurred to me:
Perhaps question #2 isn't quite a duplicate of #1. #2 specifically asks whether the damaging effect of armor of Agathys if you get temp HP from another source, whereas #1 simply asks if they stack (#2 seems like it potentially already assumes they don't stack). If this interpretation is correct, then it seems like question #1 should simply be reopened. Question #3 also assumes they don't stack and would stay a dupe of #2, since question #3 is a specific subset of #2.

I'm not positive which interpretation is correct. Thus, I decided to ask here on meta.

What should be done about these three questions about temp HP?

  • Should #1 and #2 be merged into #1, which would cause its answers to be copied over? (If so, would #3 be left as a dupe of the remaining question?)
  • Should question #1 simply be reopened, leaving the other two questions as-is? (This is what I'm leaning towards after some thought.)
  • Should all the questions be left as-is?
  • Or something else?

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I would say reopen #1 and leave #2 and #3 as is. I believe you were correct with your interpretation as mentioned in the "rereading" paragraph. However #3 is attempting to clarify if the damage from AoA is only valid with the THP granted by AoA or if it works with any THP.

  • \$\begingroup\$ I've finally gone ahead and reopened question #1. \$\endgroup\$
    – V2Blast
    Commented Mar 29, 2020 at 2:42

I think it should be left as-is. The answer to #2 is correct for #1 and for #3.


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