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Improvement on Deleted Answers Help Page - deletion due to policies

Deleted answers help page starts with the sentence: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. And goes on to give examples of non-answer answers. Yet, deletion can ...
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Is it against policy or bad practice to attempt system-agnostic answers to questions whose system has not been specified?

This answer (now deleted) was added to a question that is now closed because the system wasn't detailed by the querent. In it, the user first attempts a system-agnostic answer, and then gives the ...
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Is the poster the final arbitor of the content of their posts?

I posted a question. The question was answered, and the question is not in question. The title contained something, which is a tag, that was "organic to the conversational nature of the post". It ...
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Should we enforce clearer specification of system/version in titles/questions?

This question is what brought this issue to mind for me: Is it possible to turn Tenser's Floating Disk into a chariot? This is apparently an AD&D question, but it addresses a rules element ...
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Closing questions instead of fixing really minor issues

Specifically, this one: How should I handle the rest of my party, who believe all Necromancy must be evil? There is no other rpg system that I am aware of that uses those terms - '9th level' 'wizard' ...
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Can we color system tags to emphasize that they're different and "more meaningful"?

So, this is kind of an "asking about a problem I don't have" feature, but I wanted to float it out there. As an answerer of unfrequented systems, I've noticed that many questions follow what's come to ...
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Make it possible for certain tags (like game tags) to always appear first

As I brought up in the comments of this question, it would be great if it were possible to somehow have a specified tag always be listed first on a post, or if certain special tags (in RPG.SE's case, ...
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Why do I need to specify my game system, and how do I best do it?

I asked a question, but it was closed, with users asking what system I was asking about. What do they mean, and why do I need to specify this? Someone said my question was missing a system tag. What ...
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What to do if seeking the answer to an existing question that's been closed because the system wasn't specified?

A long while back, when I was first starting to get confident about asking questions on this site, I had a question I wanted to ask. However, I searched, and the question I wanted to ask already ...
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Can/should we include the system tag requirement in our tour?

I may be missing something, but right now, other than by reading this meta, newcomers won't know they should be tagging their system. We have some suggestions on how to address it (Can our tag-prompt ...
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What is the “Don’t Guess the System” policy?

Note: As of September 3rd, 2021, this policy has been removed Following the results of Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy this policy is no longer in effect. New guidance pending. When a user ...
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Should questions include System/Setting in title if tagged with system/setting?

For example: "WFRP2e--Does Tzenntch bully Nurgle, if so, can he be reported, and to who?" Then tag the question with WFRP and religion-and-deities. My thought is that the question lead ...
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How to show the most recent community consensus in meta?

This meta: What to do when an edit guesses the system being used rather than waiting for the querent to clarify? is an old post that has received faq tag. However, there is an attempt to revisit the ...
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5e question that doesn't have a system tag

So I saw this question today: Does Favored by the Gods work with counterspell rolls? I believe this is obviously a D&D 5e question because: In the question it says "5e" It also mentions ...
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Discussion on thread "Artificer Eldritch Cannon Protector temp hit points and Wildshape"

Currently there is an edit war with regards to the [dnd-5e] tag on this question: Artificer Eldritch Cannon Protector temp hit points and Wildshape The question is unambiguously about D&D 5e, but ...
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