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Why are some system recommendation questions being closed while others are not?

Are there any other Beer & Pretzel PnP games along the lines of Paranoia? has been closed twice now, but RPG designed for irregular players/gaming? is still open. Can someone explain to me what ...
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How can I make this question any clearer?

What? What Paragon-Tier modules can I use to showcase the Underdark? There are several qualifications in this question (including new ones, because BESW asked for them) and it was placed [ON HOLD.] ...
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How to narrow down game-recommendation questions?

How to deal with questions that just don't understand the scope of the RPG landscape? covers the (somewhat persistent) problem we have with game-recommendation questions, and what members of the ...
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Policy Proposal: Allow Tool-Recommendation Questions [duplicate]

[Headnote: in a few places I think linked examples would be nice, but I can neither think of nor find good ones. These are indicated by a "()" after a phrase. Please feel free to plug one in if you ...
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What are our requirements for tool recommendation questions and answers?

Tool recommendations are a fairly popular category of question (found in tool-recommendation, and a lot of them are simply tagged tools). Being recommendations, these questions and answers need to go ...
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Our "On Topic" page still implies game-recs are on topic

"What topics can I ask about here?" still says: Do some research before asking for games that have/do X so that you're asking an answerable question - also review the site guidance on asking game ...
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Please help in the Meta cleanup!

Ok, this site is well over a year old. Pretty much everything discussed in meta during that time is still here. Unfortunately, not everything discussed during that time is still applicable! I'd ...
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Changing the tag description for game-recommendation

Given that game-rec questions are no longer on-topic for the site, should we change the tag description to make this clear? At the moment, its existence with a full description gives the impression ...
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Questions tagged [game-recommendation] still show the old banner

Questions tagged game-recommendation on the main site appear to still get the banner defined in another meta question saying As this is a game-recommendation question, please adhere to the FAQ, the ...
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