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Community self-evaluation: How are we doing with game recommendations?

Our game recommendation guidelines are four years old this month. It's worth taking some time to reflect and review as a community how well they are working. What works well? What doesn't? Have they ...
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Is something wrong?

Before you consider answering or voting, please read the whole question. As the second of three questions mentioned in this meta, I wish to ask if something is wrong. The meta question was inspired ...
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How to deal with questions that just don't understand the scope of the RPG landscape?

We've had several questions lately that we've been closing. What point-buy systems of magic (like psionics in 3e D&D) are there? ,
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Tool recommendations aren't off topic yet, Or: Let the community actually decide on that first, because we didn't [duplicate]

A few hours ago, a tool-recommendation question was closed as off topic with the close reason we're now applying to game recommendation questions: Way to manage world factions and events. Now I see ...
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What should our pro-forma system-recommendation comment be?

Given that we're gearing up for a default comment, let's get some community input on what the best comment for describing our sys-req questions should be. I'll post some of the ones we've used as ...
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Permanent banner for game-recommendation tag

On every question (correctly) tagged with game-recommendation, somebody comes along and leaves a comment reminding answer's how to address the question properly. To make this more permanent than the ...
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Why close this instead of protecting? How to fix it?

Re: European Medieval Fantasy RPG with an appropriate setting, minimal bookkeeping, random characters, and simple rules? This question has several upvoted answers that explicitly address the concerns ...
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Are tool recommendation questions on topic?

Recommendations for games and published adventures are now off topic due to our policy on them being rescinded. The general agreement was that we did have functioning rules for them, but enough users ...
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Why is one +21 question On Hold when a similar question is ok with +53 votes?

For what reasoning was this question (What to do about a player who takes risks and dies (without consequence)?) with 21 upvotes and no downvotes On Hold as opinion based and most of the (IMO more ...
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