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Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy

We occasionally get questions which don’t specify which game system they are about, and which are about specific aspects of that game. Because the context and answers depend and vary with the system, ...
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Should users refrain from answers (or partial answers) in comments?

There are situations, when you know something that is related to the question, but it's too insubstantial to be a proper answer. For example, let's imagine a question: In which edition of game X ...
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Links to "D&D Tools" / dndtools and similar sites

I've noticed lots of links to lately. That site seems to have verbatim text from a lot of non-OGL D&D stuff. Obviously, that's really useful as a reference! But the site itself is ...
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Are questions about rule intent on topic? [2018] [duplicate]

A reasonably common type of question on RPG.SE is "Why does this rule exist" or "why is a rule this way?" These questions come in several flavors, which are not mutually exclusive: ...
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What rules/guidance do we want to give for homebrew review questions, if any?

There seemed to be a strong consensus in this question that we're not happy with how homebrew review is working on the site right now, and that the way forward is to get some additional rules around ...
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Main help center page: Question collection and voting

Coming from this question about what to put on the main help center page, the suggestion is to have a (relatively short) list with important meta questions to help introduce new (and network) users to ...
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We need to talk about late votes to “policy” metas

Let me start by trying to give a definition. We’re here talking about meta discussions which strongly guide or dictate behaviour, and in particular where there are opposing, incompatible options and – ...
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Are questions about alignment on topic?

In the various Dungeons & Dragons games, and a limited set of other RPGs, there is the concept of "alignment," which is the ethical and moral disposition of a character. We have a fair number of ...
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FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

We have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag ...
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Are tool recommendation questions on topic?

Recommendations for games and published adventures are now off topic due to our policy on them being rescinded. The general agreement was that we did have functioning rules for them, but enough users ...
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FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

For frequently-asked questions common to all sites in the network, see FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do we ask ...
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Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic? [2015]

Game recommendation questions are sadly NOT on topic here on RPG.SE. This means the following kinds of questions are off topic: I want to play (details) kind of game/story. What game should I use to ...
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What is the Nature of Stack Policy Decisions?

Note: I understand the reluctance to use a word like "policy" here. But it appears to me to be a fact that, when any sort of in-the-moment dispute arises, there is an inevitable appeal to ...
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What is the process for establishing and maintaining policies?

The core question I'm looking to get an answer for is "What is a policy and how does it function?". Specifically, how does something become policy, and who is responsible for maintaining or ...
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