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Is there a reason for RPG.SE deleting comments especially "radical"? [duplicate]

I noted this now a few times that comments are never lasting very long here. Is there a reason for this SE site handling it that way so much more strictly compared to other SE sites? Or is it just ...
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What is the delete comment policy? [duplicate]

I've just noticed several of my comments are gone and I didn't delete them. I don't comment lightly - it's generally looking for clarification from a question or response, or to point out issues in ...
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How is the community doing? [2017] [duplicate]

We wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. A little more than a year ago, we had a pretty lengthy discussion about site problems; it ...
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How is the community doing? [2018] [duplicate]

(Largely cribbed from the 2017 check-in) We, the elected moderators, wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. About a year ago we did this ...
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RPGs by and for white nationalists

So, I see RPG Stack Exchange has a MYFAROG tag, and MYFAROG questions in that tag. MYFAROG is a game by Varg Vikernes, an infamous Norwegian murderer/arsonist who espouses white-nationalist and "...
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Is something wrong?

Before you consider answering or voting, please read the whole question. As the second of three questions mentioned in this meta, I wish to ask if something is wrong. The meta question was inspired ...
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Should users refrain from answers (or partial answers) in comments?

There are situations, when you know something that is related to the question, but it's too insubstantial to be a proper answer. For example, let's imagine a question: In which edition of game X ...
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What to do about comment misuse?

In the recent community checkin post How is the community doing? [2018], the two most highly voted complaints (at the time of this writing) are about comment misuse - namely: Answering in comments (...
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How do we handle a desire to challenge the frame of a question?

Sometimes, someone asks a question that seems like it might suffer from the XY Problem (asking about your attempted solution instead of your actual problem) and you want to point that out. Or you ...
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A chart of comments per user

On the RPG Data Explorer ... I've made a query of the number of comments per user. The results, especially done as a ratio of comments over posts is fascinating. At this point, I will simply ...
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Should I upvote an answer I agree with even though I feel the one I posted answers it fully?

In regards to this question: Should a player know their mount's exact HP? I'm hesitant to upvote @fectin's answer. I agree with it completely, but feel it doesn't answer the question as fully as ...
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SevenSidedDie - problem with your moderation! [closed]

Okay, I have found your Meta site and as directed am writing directly to you concerning the question you put on hold. I am VERY displeased with your interference with my question and seem to think ...
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FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

We have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag ...
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How can the policy regarding discussions in comments be improved?

As is the nature of role playing games, the rules are very often incomplete and open to interpretation. This can often spawn differences of opinion on answers and lead to lengthly comments over ...
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"Players who see it differently are simply wrong"

Yes, that's what I read today in comments on an answer to this question. Again: Players who see it differently are simply wrong Someone downvoted me, based on the fact that his playstyle must be ...
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