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How is the community doing? [2021] [duplicate]

Ok, no points for guessing why last year's slipped, but we'd like to get back to doing this. We, the elected moderators, wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels things are ...
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Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy

We occasionally get questions which don’t specify which game system they are about, and which are about specific aspects of that game. Because the context and answers depend and vary with the system, ...
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So, let’s talk about rule intent and question closing

Admittedly a bit slower that we’d have preferred (our bad), this is a continuance of rule intent discussion. (See why I’m avoiding saying revisit below). As a brief summary, questions asking for ...
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I've been told my question is better suited to a forum, but where should I go?

I asked a question that got closed for not being suited for the Q&A format that RPG.SE uses, and was told that my question would work better on a discussion forum. Where can I find an RPG ...
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Proposal to reboot our forum list

Our list of forums gets used in comments quite frequently, including by yours truly --- however, while I like describing it as "our curated list of forums", many of the answers there haven't been ...
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FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

We have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag ...
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Are questions about rule intent on-topic? [2022]

Questions asking for the designer reasoning behind a given rule or other game elements have a long history of needing moderation. (If you're interested in past discussions on the subject, you can get ...
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How can I ask a good designer intent question?

We currently discuss whether designer intent questions are on-topic. There is a decent chance that they might become on-topic again — I wonder how one would ask a good designer intent question. I ...
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What is the “Don’t Guess the System” policy?

Note: As of September 3rd, 2021, this policy has been removed Following the results of Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy this policy is no longer in effect. New guidance pending. When a user ...
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Should this question about flying a broom be closed for lacking a system tag?

The question Flying a broom, light activity? lacks a system tag and is currently closed as unclear. Should it remain closed, or do we have enough information to guess the system? The current ...
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What's the actual process around [faq-proposal]s? [duplicate]

Use real headers instead of fake headers just went from faq-proposal to faq without apparent discussion about the change, and Can I send private messages to users? became an faq-proposal. I thought ...