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What's so problematic about a recommendation question having potentially hundreds of answers, anyway?

This Q&A is out of date - game-recs are now off topic, see Are Game Recommendation Questions On Topic, Revisited We've recently had a couple of recommendation questions appear with requirements ...
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How can I better formulate this question about Easter Eggs in 5e adventures to make it stackable?

My question here is about What popular culture Easter Eggs exist in published adventures? There was a lot of discussion in the comments already, with the overall gist that the question is not hopeless ...
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How can I handle this cleric water creation question being closed?

For the first time in two years of being a member of RPG.SE I feel the way my question was put on hold was unfair. It's about this one: Are there examples of priests/clerics having water creation ...
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What are list questions?

We have some lack of clarity, I think as to what consists of a "list" question on the site and why they are undesirable, per recent meta Q (Not) closing question for Spells with Concentration vs ...
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Why do we close questions asking for a range of practical options?

On a few other stacks, I've come across questions that people here would probably consider too broad, and closed accordingly. However, many of those were actually very helpful to me as a curious ...
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FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

For frequently-asked questions common to all sites in the network, see FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do we ask ...
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Are questions of the form "what are all the X with property Y" on-topic?

A number of questions come our way, usually from D&D and Pathfinder, that are of the following form: What are all the [spells|creatures|feats|items|...] that have the [fire|supernatural|undead|...
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What to do when your question gets closed as a duplicate, but you have no usable answer?

This question got closed as a duplicate. However, the "original" question is not same as mine, and has no usable answers. I tried editing my question, to make the difference more clear, but it seems ...
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Are questions on how to organize RPG equipment discoraged?

How to organize my 3.X collection based on WotC's internal numbering system? is in danger of being closed due to being non-constructive. Similar questions like: What’s an organized storage ...
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tag for collection questions ?

We are in the process of opening a lot of questions to collect pre-made ideas, artifacts, spells and so on. Would it make sense to have a common agreed tag for this kind of questions (such as "common" ...
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