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Links to [duplicate]

On the same vein of the question about dndtools. too have complete description of non-OGL item. This time the scope of use is way smaller, we have only 39 istances where the site is ...
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What constitutes copyright infringement?

Looking at the question on teleportation, there is this answer that appears to quote a body of text from PHB3. I don't actually own that book, so I couldn't check it out. But that got me thinking ...
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Pre-made comments: A resource-gathering & workshopping thread

Pre-made comments are awesome. They're also super powerful tools. Let's workshop some new ones and improve the old ones! You've probably seen pre-made comments[i] used across the site by moderators, ...
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What's our policy with answers advocating piracy (accidentally or not)?

In my question about legal 5e PDF's, it has, more than once, attracted answers advocating piracy or even linking to pirated versions of these PDF's. Is our policy just to downvote and move on, or ...
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What's the proper way to address possible copyright infringement in posts?

I was wondering, because I see this happening especially often on this Stack site. Most recently I made the poster of this answer aware that by the License Blizzard is granting for their materials, ...
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We could use some more pro-forma comments

I'd like to brainstorm some possibilities for the modal comment-interventions that we tend to do: Welcome to the site, but your question needs work because reasons Welcome to the site, but your ...
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What's our stance on Piracy?

Related: What's our policy with answers advocating piracy (accidentally or not)? Links to "D&D Tools" / and similar sites So, I posted the question Why do Crawford'...
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Avoid just copying text into the tag wikis

Our tag wikis are best when they have informative descriptions and excerpts. However, we have a low-grade but ongoing problem with copyrighted material being copied and pasted into our tag wikis. ...
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Why is "" blacklisted?

The subject web-site is black-listed, which disallows me to save an edit of one of my answers that links to the said web-site. What issues does it have? Should I delete the link from my answer even if ...
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How should this question about content in a site that includes piracy be handled?

It is well known that we do not condone piracy and usually the way to handle links to pirated sources is to replace them with corresponding legal ones. A question asked today, Is the fencer subclass ...
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How should we handle questions about site legality?

This is a bit of sticky question because it concerns the scenario where it's unclear if a site is a pirated site or not. We clearly need to link to only non-pirated content, but when someone has a ...
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What is the policy on linking to non-official sites?

This question references, which is not an official WoTC and property and has even been temporarily shut down by them in the past. What is the policy on these references?
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Is there a policy on linking to Reddit as part of an answer?

This question has generated two answers (one deleted) that link to reddit discussions or sources. Is there a policy on whether or not links to Reddit are legitimate for an answer or is that handled ...
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Is recommending an online character generator ok?

Sometimes, I want to link to some online character or NPC generators. However, I know that some of the online resources, especially spell lists, are actually copyright violations. Are these online ...
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What are the rules and policies of RPG.SE?

Is there a list of rules I need to follow here? What are the site policies I need to know about?
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