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For general 'universe' questions, should we keep a generic 'universe' tag or tag all the various systems available for the game? [duplicate]

This question was spurred by an edit to this question: How can I avoid plot pitfalls that are common to the Star Trek franchise? which consisted solely in adding the star-trek-fasa tag. While I see ...
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How is the [system-agnostic] tag supposed to be used?

Coming off my discussion about this meta I have realized that I have no idea how the system-agnostic tag is supposed to be used correctly. Or, I thought I did but that not everyone agrees. Or maybe ...
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Are our implicit-information tagging practices becoming a problem?

We have some tags that seem to regularly get used such that they imply information about the post, which isn’t actually stated in the post itself. our various system tags, including [system-agnostic]....
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Does the [system-agnostic] tag conflict with system specific tags?

In this question, the asker tagged his question with system-agnostic. He also tagged it with dnd-3.5e and dungeons-and-dragons. Is this contradictory or in some way contrary to the spirit of the ...
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Can I edit a question to be more generic?

Today this simple yet very useful question about probabilities in Dungeon World was posted on the main site: How likely is success in Dungeon World? While the question itself is about Dungeon World, ...
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Why are 2, very similar optimization questions treated so differently?

Both of them has a common theme, "how can I get the most of these characters, given these boundary conditions", but the treatment is very different: How can I optimize this “max-languages” build’s ...
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Are questions about the mere existence of games on-topic?

I'm asking this because of this question: Looking for a WWII RPG that requires no adaptation/conversion The question is simply asking whether games of a specific type exist. The question has been put ...
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Should this question about player attendance be system agnostic?

This question is asking about an issue that seems like it is pretty clear of system mechanics. However, it started as being tagged with dnd-5e and it is clear that is the game being played. I ...
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Should we be encouraging askers to remove system tags if their question is relevant to a broader category?

In this recent answer, SSD stated the following: In fact, we have a community custom where, when people ask a generally-applicable question where it seems the system is merely secondary, we will ...
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Why was this question given a 5e tag?

I was browsing the [play-by-post] tag and found this question: How can a player in a PbP D&D 5e game ensure the health and fun of that game? However, it was tagged for Dnd 5e but reading the ...
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Are system tags only for directly rules-related questions?

This question is tagged with pathfinder. This suggested edit removes the tag, and replaces it with system-agnostic, on the grounds that the question does not directly concern the pathfinder rules. ...
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FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

For frequently-asked questions common to all sites in the network, see FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do we ask ...
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Should I have removed the [pathfinder-2e] tag from this question?

This question was asked. When I read it, it seemed to be a general one, and most of the advice was system agnostic, so I removed the [pathfinder-2e] tag and added the [system-agnostic] tag. But, then ...
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Should this knowledge check question have the [dnd-4e] tag?

This is regarding this question: How to handle player knowledge when they fumble a knowledge roll As you can see from the revision history, SevenSidedDie and I disagree about whether this question ...
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What tags should questions get?

In the comments on this question I noticed a discussion, and on visiting chat I saw someone already talking about it. Here are the relevant comments from the question's comment section: One more ...
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