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Can we affirm that RPG.SE embraces a plurality of playstyles?

I've recently had the dubious pleasure to have been told both that the high visibility of RAW-centric optimising online is an illusion and nobody actually plays that way in a real game, and that old-...
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What is our stance on "Unpinning the accepted answer from the top of the list of answers"?

Stack Overflow has just been updated to no longer pin the accepted answer to the top of the answer list. Now on Meta.SE, the staff are seeking our site-specific feedback on whether we'd want to do the ...
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Why are site comments being deleted?

Some site users have noticed old comments being deleted. This is correct - site comments are meant to be a mostly temporary means of improving questions and answers. Here's an explanation of the ...
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What, exactly, is the RAW tag for?

As the title says. I'm starting to think that there are a few different views of what "RAW" means here on RPG.SE. I think that it is time to sit down and pinpoint the "correct" way to use the ...
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What's a frame challenge?

So there's a ton of questions about how to present a frame challenge, or how not to frame challenge, and I've had people mention it on the comments on questions of mine in response to others' comments....
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Why people are being so rude?

We are here to help people to have fun. We are here for a hobby, not something we are being paid for. Is not our job like Stack Overflow and it is not our creed like the Religious SE. It is not about ...
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Is this site for experts, or not?

On the one hand, this question here about what RPG.SE is, and this answer here about answering FATE questions, specify "[this site] is a collection of expert knowledge" and "Expert ...
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Keep game criticism constructive, not provocative

I’m concerned about some potentially inflammatory language in a recent answer, regarding the limitations of a popular role-playing game (emphasis in original): It goes a little beyond that, but ...
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How should we properly handle answers that show an apparent lack of system mastery?

I'm sure this is a problem in other tags, but it seems to come up relatively often in 4e and I feel like most of the time we handle it well. However, today was an exception. A few questions about ...
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Is there an expression (or some expressions) we can use instead of "frame challenge"?

The concept of a frame challenge is fairly ubiquitous in our community, at least for meta users or those who've been around long enough to have seen it a few times. There's an issue here though: I'm ...
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How do we handle it when the asker's problem is just that they're confused?

How do we handle questions when the asker's problem is that they are confused or proceeding under a misconception? Most often the asker can't write a self-aware statement of the actual problem ...
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What's so wrong with taking a question at face value, just because someone suspects an XY Problem? [closed]

Someone asks a question, and it's a valid question that has answers that we can provide. And then someone else comments that they think it's an XY Problem, asking what their real problem is, and votes ...
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How to answer a RAW question when the RAW are silent?

What do you do when the OP says they only want RAW but the RAW don't mention what they want? I went for "tell them the RAW are silent but give them your humble (and indeed tongue-in-cheek) opinion for ...
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Why do people want to give answers that were not asked for?

I have noticed that people want to give answers and leave comments that the question is not asking for. This question, for example, has people immediately saying "don't" instead of just answering the ...
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Is homebrew an acceptable answer to a question?

Perhaps it's just the game designer in me, but for many of the questions asked here I almost automatically start thinking of homebrew solutions to whatever problem the asker is having. Would providing ...
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