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Is something wrong?

Before you consider answering or voting, please read the whole question. As the second of three questions mentioned in this meta, I wish to ask if something is wrong. The meta question was inspired ...
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I have some information to add to help someone solve their issue, do I answer or comment?

So, this has happened to me multiple times now, and to be honest it's getting frustrating as a casual user of this particular SE (especially since the judgements seem less cut-and-dried than other SE'...
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I have a partial answer or useful response to a question, but I cannot create a full answer out of it. What should I do? [duplicate]

Suppose I'm reading a question. It's interesting, I want to help, and I can immediately think of one or two insights that would be useful in constructing or improving a good answer to that question. ...
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Answers that agree with other answer

Should we be flagging answers that basically say: John's answer is great and I agree with everything he said, and also this! On other SE sites, this should be a comment on the answer and the ...
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A question has some facts majorly wrong: should I be correcting them in comments or an answer?

I've come across a question where the querent has some facts majorly wrong, and they seem to be a substantial cause of the problem they're describing. I know that we refrain from answering in comments,...
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Should every answer be "The Answer"?

Sometimes a person doesn't have "The Exact Perfect Answer" but tries to help with some suggestions or a bit of brainstorming. After all, there are multiple playstyles, but frequently I see those "...
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What made my answer invalid?

I can't clearly understand why my answer to What reasons have the designers given for why unarmed strikes aren't 'light melee weapons'? was downvoted and deleted. How could I make the ...
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How should we handle answers that only address a minor part of the question, but not the main question?

Related to How should we handle this question, most of the answers to which only address the minor/secondary question? That question addresses how we handle questions that have multiple parts, where ...
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Are Omnibus answers problematic?

I have noticed, in my time on all the Stacks, but RPG.SE especially, a tendency for some users to collect all the answers already given for a question, and post them as one big omnibus answer. These ...
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What is the best way to respond to an incorrect answer when a comment is not enough?

I just had an answer to the question What can someone do while forced to doff armor from the heat metal spell removed, with the suggestion that it might be better as a comment. I initially started ...
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Should an old duplicate of an even older question be newly marked as such?

This 2010 question and this 2014 question are identical. Both have a significant number of upvotes and well-received answers. Should the 2014 question be marked as a duplicate of the 2010 question now ...
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FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

For frequently-asked questions common to all sites in the network, see FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do we ask ...
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How to proceed with an answer that is ultimately the same as a previous answer?

I wrote an answer to a question, then after posting I realised that the actual answer I gave was precisely the same as the actual answer already given, so I deleted my answer, and upvoted the earlier ...
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Is it okay/good practice to cite other answers just after publishing your own?

Sometimes it takes time to write a (hopefully) good answer: you have to search for references, for the exact wording of rules on manuals, looking for the description of a particular magic item, etc. ...
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What are the customs for incorporating other answers into your own?

I'm new to SE as a contributor. In this answer I didn't initially think about the time to relay information to other players, but several other people pointed it out, so I added a note to my answer as ...
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