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Why are users saying my answer isn’t an answer?

I posted on a thread, but users downvoted and replied saying it wasn’t an answer. What do they mean? What does it mean for an answer to be too forum-like? Someone told me not to comment in an answer. ...
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What is the best way to deal with duplicate answers which reference each other?

We often see situations where answers incorporate parts of other answers trying to create complete answers. Here is an extreme example where 2 answers each contain half of the information, and both ...
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Change the question featured in the Tour

Our tour currently features Are Hags Fey or Fiends?. One of the answers featured begins with "To add to Dressy's answer ..." which might not be setting the best example of what kind of answers we ...
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Answers that do not answer the question

When I gave this answer, I may have provided good information, but I didn't actually answer the question. Now there is this answer, which does answer the question, or at least comes a lot closer. ...
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