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Shall we review the various World of Darkness tags' use? [duplicate]

The recent spate of V:tR questions from a new user has brought the mess of WoD tags to my attention. (And I do like cleaning up messy tag clusters.) According to its tag wiki, world-of-darkness is ...
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Should we add V20/M20 etc tags for White Wolf Games? [duplicate]

In the recent years Onyx Path has released 20-year anniversary editions of popular white wolf games which include both mechanical and plot/setting changes, like the removal of the metaplot that formed ...
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Clearing up White Wolf World of Darkness tags [duplicate]

There exists 4 tags for the White Wolf World of Darkness, specifically nwod, world-of-darkness/wod and the storyteller-system and storytelling-system. I've just edited the last two, to reflect the ...
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Start retagging the WoD questions! (aka "Editors: the Retaggening")

About a week ago, we discussed how to sort out the World of Darkness tags in Clean up tagging for "World of Darkness" related questions. The question's been settled for about a week, and it ...
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Lets get a clear consensus on the use of [nwod] vs [nwod-god-machine]

There is a ongoing issue with the tagging of the various Editions of the World of Darkness Lines. See: Shall we review the various World of Darkness tags' use? Clearing up White Wolf World of ...
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Where goes the [traveller]?

A long time ago in a country far away (from me) a system was born. It was named traveller. Since then several others have taken up the work and created different yet similar systems based upon it. ...
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What should be done about questions about the original versions of "Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron" content, now that it has been updated?

Background The Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron was originally released on July 23, 2018. Keith Baker's foreword on p. 4 stated (emphasis mine): Bear in mind: this book presents my current vision of ...
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Fixing umbrella tag of mutants-and-masterminds

I recently noticed that mutants-and-masterminds was largely being used in conjunction with either the mutants-and-masterminds-2e or mutants-and-masterminds-3e tags, but not discussing the overarching ...
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We should clarify that the [world-of-darkness] tag is only for the "old"/"classic" line

I think the description of the world-of-darkness tag tries to hint at that but it's a bit vague. I'm a long time fan of the series, so to me "World of Darkness" tends to encompass all its incarnations,...
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How do we feel about Genre Tags?

I got thinking about a tag urban-fantasy recently relating to the WoD tagging question; and I thought more thinking about Genre Tags might be worth-wild. Now I am thinking that reviewing what Genre ...
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Tag synonym request: [storytelling-system] - > [nwod]

The storytelling-system tag is a relic from a much earlier idea of WoD tagging; there never were any games that used the Storytelling system that were not also nwod games, and with the subsequent ...
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Why can't [magic] sit with a more specific tag?

So, we have a magic tag. It's a fine tag, and there's nothing majorly wrong with it. Part of its usage advice in the tag wiki, though, says: Questions that merit more specific tags should not also ...
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Cleaning up the Mess of cleaning up the mess of wod tag metas

There are 3 meta questions about clearing up the mess of WoD Tags. Shall we review the various World of Darkness tags' use? Clearing up White Wolf World of Darkness tags Clean up tagging for &...
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Synonym [nwod-god-machine] to [new-world-of-darkness-2e]

As discussed in Lets get a clear consensus on the use of [nwod] vs [nwod-god-machine], now that Onyx Path has officially rebranded the God Machine Rules Update as the second edition of New World of ...
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Blood and Smoke to Vampire the Requiem 2e [duplicate]

This is a follow up to this Please synomise (or delete) [blood-and-smoke] with [vampire-the-requiem-2e] can we please ,migrate synomise the blood-and-smoke to (I believe that's the tag suggested by ...
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