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What Exactly Are the Classification Criteria for the [rules-as-written] Tag?

I seem to have been pulled in an edit war (or at least skirmish) on my question, and would like to understand the basic principles which may or may not be broken by it. My question is interested in a ...
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Does using the Rules as Written tag restrict answers to only using RAW?

It has come up several times in the last couple days that people have told posters not to add or to remove rules-as-written to/from their answers because it would force answerers to only use RAW. For ...
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Should we add a [rules-as-written] tag warning, and what should it say?

I’ve recently discovered Stack Exchange has a feature called tag warnings which cautions a person with further information about how a tag should be used. Tag warnings look like this: This example ...
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Proposing a [cheese] tag that is a category of rules exploits/fun

With this question in mind, there are others, I'd like to suggest a cheese tag as a clear identifier of people looking for fun exploits. This particular question, and the comments in response, is why ...
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Are we satisfied with the Tag Wiki / Info entry for the RAW Tag?

The rules-as-written tag has been a really contentious issue here. We have highly debated questions related to the RAW tag's usage (What's it for?, Changing the approach, Keep it?, Rename it?), but ...
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A low-intervention approach [rules-as-written]: back to tagging basics

Sometime during the weeks of wrangling over the rules-as-written tag it occurred to me that, I am pretty sure, we've fallen into a fundamental error that may be the cause of all the problems: Tags ...
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A proposal for moving forward with Rules as Written

With a lack of clear data on intended use being a major sticking point in the recent discussion on the rules-as-written tag, we’d like to make a proposal that should gather useful data on how often ...
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Can we clarify the [rules-as-written] tag wiki?

Another meta answer gives one interpretation, which is different than the tag wiki, which conflicts with how I have seen the tag used, and how it has been described to me. Can we clarify the tag wiki ...
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The [rules-as-written] tag - still useful or is it junk? [duplicate]

A brief history of the [rules-as-written] tag (though all the discussion is ~2 years old): What, exactly, is the RAW tag for? (A good summary of what the tag's for and other meta Q's related to it) ...
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Can we agree to stop downvoting non-opinionated, factually correct answers?

I can only guess, but for me it looks like people put their own playstyle as a measurement what is good and what is bad for this site. Wake up. Your playstyle is not the only playstyle. Stop being so ...
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Should we have "game style" tags?

Recent conversations on meta and in chat have suggested that we don't do a particularly good job of scoping questions to the asker's approaches to gameplay. We have an established pattern of tagging ...
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The [rules-as-written] tag is a good tag, but we've made it sick. Let's cure it

rules-as-written has two purposes right now: "this question is about the rules as written" "answer must obey special rules" The latter makes it a meta tag. Meta tags are never, in the long run, a ...
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Experiential audit of [rules-as-written], please?

So, I've been noticing a trend on rules-as-written lately. Mainly, people realising that "rules" is banned, so they use the first tag that starts with rules which, y'know, says rules on it. This is ...
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Can we affirm that RPG.SE embraces a plurality of playstyles?

I've recently had the dubious pleasure to have been told both that the high visibility of RAW-centric optimising online is an illusion and nobody actually plays that way in a real game, and that old-...
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Is homebrew an acceptable answer to a question?

Perhaps it's just the game designer in me, but for many of the questions asked here I almost automatically start thinking of homebrew solutions to whatever problem the asker is having. Would providing ...
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