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How is the community doing? [2018] [duplicate]

(Largely cribbed from the 2017 check-in) We, the elected moderators, wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. About a year ago we did this ...
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Links to "D&D Tools" / dndtools and similar sites

I've noticed lots of links to lately. That site seems to have verbatim text from a lot of non-OGL D&D stuff. Obviously, that's really useful as a reference! But the site itself is ...
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Are campaign research questions on topic? [2012]

There is a category of questions on this site that seriously pollutes our scope. Taking these questions to their logical maximum (which I see us continually approaching) everything under the sun has ...
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What Do We Do With "Read The Book To Me" Questions?

This is somewhat of a related question to Why Are Our 5e Questions Terrible? - but this post is about questions from people who haven't read the book yet, and want us to do it for them. This is a ...
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Don't signal your edits in text

To amplify the bullet from here: Stop using the "Edit:" syntax of forums. We have explicit revision histories on everything, so everything should read as if the best version was the first ...
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Why is one +21 question On Hold when a similar question is ok with +53 votes?

For what reasoning was this question (What to do about a player who takes risks and dies (without consequence)?) with 21 upvotes and no downvotes On Hold as opinion based and most of the (IMO more ...
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A low-intervention approach [rules-as-written]: back to tagging basics

Sometime during the weeks of wrangling over the rules-as-written tag it occurred to me that, I am pretty sure, we've fallen into a fundamental error that may be the cause of all the problems: Tags ...
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my accepted answer is factually incorrect--no recourse?

My answer to Can I move 240' and attack in one round by using two riding horses? is factually incorrect, but was accepted before I realized that. I cannot delete the accepted answer. Is there any ...
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How do we ask and answer subjective questions?

On RPG.SE, we deal with a fair number of questions that don't have a strict, objectively correct answer. Some game rules questions do, but we also have a good number of questions about how to run a ...
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We are not lawyers. Why do we allow law topics?

This is a site about Role-Playing Games. We are experts on Role-Playing Games. There is a sickening number of questions about law, that are only tangentially related to games, and they are being ...
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Guidelines on asking for house rules

Sometimes you just want to ask rpg.stackexchange for homebrews and houserules you know the experts in the site have play-tested. This site's level of expertise and backing up just can't be matched on ...
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Could we get a [forum] shortlink?

We get a lot of questions that are better suited to a forum, and it's customary when closing them to provide a link to that post. Since I've started doing moderation, though, I've noticed that we don'...
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Could we have a [tour] short link in comments?

In comments, [help] expands to the text help center (with a link), [chat] expands to the text Role-playing Games Chat (with a ...
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How can we improve this community? [closed]

As a web developer I frequent a lot of Stack Exchange communities and never have I experienced one with such a community of judgement and nitpicking. Some of these exchanges don't even phrase topics ...
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How to make the community's Nice Actions more visible?

Recently, meta (and the main site to a lesser extent) became a mess with a lot of critics blurting out from every side and people accusing each other of bad things and a lot of other bad stuff. This ...
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