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Are "list questions" on topic?

A “list question” is a question that generates an endless list of answers, none of them better or worse than any other. They're questions that ask things like “list all the things I could do with a ...
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How can I better formulate this question about Easter Eggs in 5e adventures to make it stackable?

My question here is about What popular culture Easter Eggs exist in published adventures? There was a lot of discussion in the comments already, with the overall gist that the question is not hopeless ...
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I want to post some questions that will require (finite, community wiki) list answers. Kosher?

Basically, while there is a sort of search system on d20PFSRD, I still find certain categories of feats very hard to locate when I need them. I would like to make a few questions asking for lists of ...
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Should this answer have been split into 5 different answers?

This answer to the "Finding ways to “nerf” a PC that is too strong with base stats, after a long period of playing" question raises 5 different points which are 5 different methods to solve the ...
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Would question about legally obtaining access to system X be on topic?

There are many old / obscure / indie RPG systems, not available off the shelf, not easy to find. Or easy to find as a pirated version. Would asking how to get a legal access to specific system be on ...
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What actually is a shopping question?

In the What makes my Pathfinder question off-topic, while the same 3.5e question is allowed to stay? discussion the problem turned out to be that some members treat my question as a shopping question. ...
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(Not) closing question for Spells with Concentration vs Spells with Thunder/Lightning Damage

This question: Question about Spells with Thunder/Lighting was closed by @SevenSidedDie and others for being too broad. This question has 5 votes and is open: Question about Spells with ...
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Are questions of the form "what are all the X with property Y" on-topic?

A number of questions come our way, usually from D&D and Pathfinder, that are of the following form: What are all the [spells|creatures|feats|items|...] that have the [fire|supernatural|undead|...
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question determined to not be a duplicate is still marked duplicate? is currently marked as a duplicate, but has been determined (post edit) to ...
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Is this question about invisibility a list question?

It turned out that there are multiple 1st-level abilities that make their user invisible, and that's why this question has 3 answers as of now, all of them showing a way to get invisibility at level 1....
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