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Should we give a reason why we are downvoting an answer [duplicate]

I was wondering if we should have a small dialog box which is opened when you wish to downvote a question or answer, I feel that if people put in the reasoning for the downvote the community will have ...
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The gremlin in our answers: "Fate is narrative" answers to mechanical Fate questions

It seems like there's a gremlin in the Fate answers. He bites without warning, no one is immune, and while he'd been quiet for some time, he's back now. And he's making it hard to get good answers, ...
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Is it ok to ask for comments on downvotes?

Whenever I post an answer I immediately get downvotes. This always puzzled me as there never seems to be a reason for it. I tried posting a comment asking if downvoters could please leave a comment ...
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What warranted multiple downvotes and a delete vote here?

In D&D, how do you find attack bonus for weapons? Okay, clearly not a 100 score answer -- I don't own the books (certainly wouldn't have them with me at work even if I did). Is it a clear no-no, ...
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Why is an answer being downvoted without any comments?

An answer has multiple downvotes but nobody has left a comment explaining what's wrong with the answer or why they downvoted. Why hasn't anyone explained their downvote? Return to FAQ Index
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Why was I downvoted?

In this question, I was downvoted a lot. As far as I am aware, I did not do anything wrong. Can someone please explain to me why I was downvoted?
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Handling new users with bad answers

When I see answers like this - low-rep users with uncommented downvotes, I try to address them with a comment. It's my way of trying to gentle the slap in the face from the downvote. A downvote ...
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"How is the site going" entry in area51. Comments.

If you checked the area51 entry for rpg, there's a "how is the site going" entry to click. RPG is fine for some things, but the number of views per day is worrying low. Comments?
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Voting down has to be revised

Quoting the official description of downvoting priveledge: Use your downvotes whenever you encounter an egregiously sloppy, no-effort-expended post, or an answer that is clearly and perhaps ...
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How can we improve this community? [closed]

As a web developer I frequent a lot of Stack Exchange communities and never have I experienced one with such a community of judgement and nitpicking. Some of these exchanges don't even phrase topics ...
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Downvotes - comment or negative reputation?

I have a question about the efficient use of downvotes. People are downvoting without any comments; such behaviour is not necessarily constructive, but I generally agree with the logic presented in ...
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