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How much of an answer/suggestion should be in comments to questions? [duplicate]

Here's a scenario: New user asks question ignorant of the site's format. While some are commenting on their question and their question is/is not getting closed, others "answer" in the comments to ...
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How is the community doing? [2017] [duplicate]

We wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. A little more than a year ago, we had a pretty lengthy discussion about site problems; it ...
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How is the community doing? [2018] [duplicate]

(Largely cribbed from the 2017 check-in) We, the elected moderators, wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. About a year ago we did this ...
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Why are site comments being deleted?

Some site users have noticed old comments being deleted. This is correct - site comments are meant to be a mostly temporary means of improving questions and answers. Here's an explanation of the ...
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What to do about comment misuse?

In the recent community checkin post How is the community doing? [2018], the two most highly voted complaints (at the time of this writing) are about comment misuse - namely: Answering in comments (...
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Main help center page: Question collection and voting

Coming from this question about what to put on the main help center page, the suggestion is to have a (relatively short) list with important meta questions to help introduce new (and network) users to ...
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Is formatting more important than content on StackExchange answers for initial votes?

So I know this site isn't a wiki site and probably not a good place to come for knowledge, but I don't know of any good wiki sites for gray area 5e (D&D 5th ed.) stuff and Google Search brings up ...
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What's with the policy on deleting answer comments on closed questions?

I understand that the policy is not to allow any answers whatsoever in the comments, but there is a bit of a weird situation when it comes to [closed] questions. Lately I've been encountering a lot of ...
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I have some information to add to help someone solve their issue, do I answer or comment?

So, this has happened to me multiple times now, and to be honest it's getting frustrating as a casual user of this particular SE (especially since the judgements seem less cut-and-dried than other SE'...
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I have a partial answer or useful response to a question, but I cannot create a full answer out of it. What should I do? [duplicate]

Suppose I'm reading a question. It's interesting, I want to help, and I can immediately think of one or two insights that would be useful in constructing or improving a good answer to that question. ...
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what button makes a comment appear as an answer?

If I post a question then someone answers said question as a comment how do I say that’s the right answer, (what button do I click) so that they get the proper recognition? How do I vote a comment as ...
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A question has some facts majorly wrong: should I be correcting them in comments or an answer?

I've come across a question where the querent has some facts majorly wrong, and they seem to be a substantial cause of the problem they're describing. I know that we refrain from answering in comments,...
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Should every answer be "The Answer"?

Sometimes a person doesn't have "The Exact Perfect Answer" but tries to help with some suggestions or a bit of brainstorming. After all, there are multiple playstyles, but frequently I see those "...
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How to deal with answers in comments?

Related: How much of an answer/suggestion should be in comments to questions? Related (newer): Should users refrain from answers (or partial answers) in comments? What’s the best way to deal with ...
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So there's this space on the main help center page. Should we put something on it?

You might not be aware — because it is currently empty and you don't see an edit button — there's a space on the main help page which is editable for diamond moderators. It's the space between the ...
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