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How to ask for loopholes/hacks/edge cases or other ways to make things work?

BACKGROUND: I'm a buildmaker. I'm RAW RPG gamer, following the philosophy of "GM has no say when it comes to rules", and I enforce this both as a GM and as a player. I love inventing things ...
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FAQ Maintenance 2023

Our FAQ has become quite cluttered and convoluted. There are many issues with it, but among the most pressing I currently see: There are 3 questions about recommendation questions, which is a mess. ...
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How do I ask statistics questions on this site?

I recently asked this question after asking this question for two reasons. To get a better idea how drowning works in Call of Cthulhu 7th edition To use the answer to decide how to run my next game. ...
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Should we close questions where the asker is looking to double check their understanding of basic rules?

A user has recently asked these two questions: What is included with a character's proficiencies when they become a dhampir Understanding how to play a wizard In both questions, they articulate the ...
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Why are users saying my answer isn’t an answer?

I posted on a thread, but users downvoted and replied saying it wasn’t an answer. What do they mean? What does it mean for an answer to be too forum-like? Someone told me not to comment in an answer. ...
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Main help center page: Question collection and voting

Coming from this question about what to put on the main help center page, the suggestion is to have a (relatively short) list with important meta questions to help introduce new (and network) users to ...
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FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

We have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag ...
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Is a "Frame Challenge" really only valid as an answer or can it be a comment as well?

The basis of a Frame Challenge is that a question might be more answerable if portions of it were different. You see this a lot with questions that may be XY problems, among other things. I've ...
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Does using the Rules as Written tag restrict answers to only using RAW?

It has come up several times in the last couple days that people have told posters not to add or to remove rules-as-written to/from their answers because it would force answerers to only use RAW. For ...
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How should we handle this "fireproof worn items" question?

This concerns What have designers said for why they made worn items fireproof? Short summary of events: The question was asking what the RAI was behind worn items being fireproof. An answer arrived ...
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Can we please correct the "bad words" mistake in policy?

I do not find this to be helpful at all, and it is the direct result of Bad Policy having bad side effects. Here is the commment chain. I've edited out "frame challenge" because policy is not to ...
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Why do people want to give answers that were not asked for?

I have noticed that people want to give answers and leave comments that the question is not asking for. This question, for example, has people immediately saying "don't" instead of just answering the ...
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Is there an expression (or some expressions) we can use instead of "frame challenge"?

The concept of a frame challenge is fairly ubiquitous in our community, at least for meta users or those who've been around long enough to have seen it a few times. There's an issue here though: I'm ...
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FAQ Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

For frequently-asked questions common to all sites in the network, see FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking questions How do we ask ...
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We could use some more pro-forma comments

I'd like to brainstorm some possibilities for the modal comment-interventions that we tend to do: Welcome to the site, but your question needs work because reasons Welcome to the site, but your ...
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