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Should the Glyph of Warding questions get a spell-specific tag?

There is a general discussion if we want spell tags or not over here: Should we be tagging individual spells?, that concluded spell specific tags should be avoided in general. Wish and Simulacrum are ...
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Should we burninate the [shape-water] tag?

Recently, there were several questions posted in quick succession regarding the shape water spell in 5e. Shortly after that, a new tag was created for the spell - shape-water - and added to the ...
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At what point in development is a new system tag added?

With Paizo's announcement of Pathfinder v2 play-testing commencing, it got me thinking. When do/should we make tags for new game systems? As soon as its announced, so people have a tag to use? When ...
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Is the [simulacrum] tag a necessary addition?

I notice that the simulacrum tag has been added again. My personal opinion is that it is unnecessary. Seeing as the user who has added it most recently rolled back my standard procedure removal edit, ...
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Should the [pixie] tag be synonymised with the [monsters] tag?

Today I noticed that we have a pixie tag, relating to the D&D creature (mostly about 4e, although there's one 5e question too). I know we shouldn't create a separate tag for each spell, as ...
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Should we introduce tags for specific Metamagic options (such as Twinned Spell), and what happens to the [metamagic] tag?

As discovered by @Xirema, we have a significant number of questions about the Twinned Spell metamagic. More specifically, searching for 5e questions about "twinned spell" (...
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Burninate Mimic tag? Do specific monsters need specific tags?

This particular monster gets a tag, but does that mean every monster gets one? And then do we need to worry about editions/RPGs having different uses? When do we allow system wide monster/spell/...
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Tags for big party and small parties?

We have quite a few questions about running a large party (How do I run a game for a larger group?, Balancing undead encounters against large party with a cleric, How do I scale an encounter to a ...
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Tags for basic moves in Dungeon World

I've just created a hack-and-slash tag and added it to a bunch of questions. I know generally we don't create tags for specific spells, class features etc, but in this case I feel it is warranted. ...
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Are [absent-players] and [attendance] different enough to warrant separate tags?

My question is pretty straightforward. Currently, we have two different tags: absent-players and attendance. The intended uses of these two tags are pretty self-evident; absent-players is for ...
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Is [Wall] a good tag?

The wall tag is relatively small, but it is currently split between two types of questions. There are 10 questions that use the wall tag in reference to a wall of X spell from D&D or Pathfinder, ...
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Do we need a [jungle] tag?

The jungle was created recently and used in a now closed question and for this question Are there published rules for navigating and travelling through jungles?. I removed it from the latter question ...
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Is the Magic Initiate tag too specific?

On this question (Can Players Teach Each Other The Magic Initiate Feat Or Other Feats?) the tag magic-initiate has been created, referring to the Magic Initiate feat from D&D 5e. Does this tag ...
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Inconsistency around the [antimagic-field] tag

There is an antimagic-field tag that I've recently seen edited into a couple dozen questions. I searched and noticed that there are 300+ results for posts including "antimagic" and all but a handful ...
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Why do we use [Published-Adventures] instead of more specific tags?

One criteria i've seen for whether a tag is worth having is whether someone could be an expert in that topic. I find it difficult to believe someone could be an expert in all [published-adventures] ...

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