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How do we save designer reasoning questions? [2018] [duplicate]

I think we have a bit of a problem with designer reason questions on the site. A little history: designer-reasons questions were our attempt to save "what is this rule for" questions. Those were ...
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Are questions of designer intent on-topic for this site? [2014] [duplicate]

Pretty much what it says in the title. I recently asked this question and it has been suggested that it is unanswerable. A previous question of this type is here, which by my understanding was ...
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Are questions about rule intent on-topic? [2022]

Questions asking for the designer reasoning behind a given rule or other game elements have a long history of needing moderation. (If you're interested in past discussions on the subject, you can get ...
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Should questions touching upon designer reasons be off topic? [duplicate]

This question refers to the closing of a question I submitted a few years ago. Is the omission of a racial +2 to wisdom intentional? At the time, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition had a gap, in that ...
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So, let’s talk about rule intent and question closing

Admittedly a bit slower that we’d have preferred (our bad), this is a continuance of rule intent discussion. (See why I’m avoiding saying revisit below). As a brief summary, questions asking for ...
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FAQ Proposal Index for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

We have a great FAQ Index post here on the Role-Playing Games Meta Stack Exchange, but our current process for adding things to that list is a little lacking. Currently users add the faq-proposal tag ...
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Was this question closed because it was about realism/verisimiltude?

Was this question closed because it was about realism/verisimiltude? Or some other reason(s)? Is it possible to wield a 'greatsword'? Not that it's a great question, or isn't easily ...
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Why is there a blanket ban on designer intent questions when the issue is only with a subset of rpg systems?

This question comes out of a discussion of the following question: Should we add 'designers intent' questions to the “don't ask” questions list on the tour? In Dopplgreener's answer he states '......
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How can I handle this cleric water creation question being closed?

For the first time in two years of being a member of RPG.SE I feel the way my question was put on hold was unfair. It's about this one: Are there examples of priests/clerics having water creation ...
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Question closure: Why does a round last 6 seconds?

I recently asked Why does a round last 6 seconds? on the main site. To the best of my experience, this question is on-topic, specific, answerable, and reasonably scoped. Nevertheless, it was closed as ...
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Are questions asking for references tangential to rules on topic?

A recent question asks: Was there [a specific statement] made by [a designer with special ruling privileges in the game] or other official sources? I am only looking for this quote, I am not ...
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Is this question about experience points in earlier versions of D&D off topic as a "rule intent" or "designer reasons" question?

Why do characters with a high prime requisite gain bonus XP? The question presents some information, then asks: What is the reason for this rule? Did the game's designers ever explain it, either ...
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Is it time to revisit rule intent questions?

In June '21, Someone_Evil began a discussion: We need to talk about late votes to “policy” metas. As part of the summary of her overwhelmingly supported answer, doppelgreener includes this point: If ...
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Should we add 'designers intent' questions to the "don't ask" questions list on the tour?

Just as it says on the tin: This comment was left in response to a question closing. The "Don't Ask" section of the Help Center doesn't explicitly state that design intent questions are off ...
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Is the question about the origin of "Waterdhavian" on-topic?

The question at hand: In-universe, why is "Waterdhavian" the adjective form of Waterdeep? This question seems to be very close to a designer intent question (which are off topic). It does not fit the ...

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