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How can I ask a good homebrew review question?

I'd like to post some homebrew material I've made, and I want people to review it so I can ensure it will work well. How can I ask a good question like this? What are our guidelines for handling these ...
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Are we satisfied with the state of homebrew review questions?

For the past seven years, homebrew review questions (that is, questions of the form, "Is this homebrew balanced?") have been on-topic and thus allowed. As brought up in the latest "How is the ...
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Are "is this balanced" questions on-topic?

Before I start: I thought about the matter when reading this answer to the How is the community doing? [2018] post, which claims a larger percentage of negative reactions towards homebrew questions ...
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Why was my homebrew-review question downvoted even though I followed the criteria?

I don't mean to sound indignant or anything, but I must admit, I'm at a loss as to why this happened. Just yesterday, I posted a homebrew-review question asking about whether an artifact I had created ...
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What is the best way to ask for a whole homebrew class review?

I am aware of the how to ask a homebrew review guidelines, however, I feel that a whole class review (specifically for D&D 5e here, but may apply to other systems and editions) is a problem by ...
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Would this structure of my homebrew question be acceptable?

I recently asked this question on what level a homebrew spell/item would be in D&D 5e. I want to ask a follow up question on how to balance it better and add/remove some of the features that ...
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How can we address questions about homebrew balance?

Often we get questions such as Is moving between separate attacks of the same spell unbalanced? The trouble I always face with these questions is "unbalanced with respect to what?". All house rules ...
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How to properly review a homebrew?

There are quite a few questions asking to review homebrew. The best way to ask such questions is covered in this meta: How can I ask a good homebrew review question? I'm interested in how I should ...
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Why is my homebrew review question not getting answers, and how can I improve them?

I've asked several homebrew-review questions in the past, and it's been pointed out to me that there are several guides on RPG.SE for these type of questions, I used this one and this one. However, my ...
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Are we using the Homebrew Review discussion correctly?

We have a popular Meta discussion, How can I ask a good homebrew review question? The highly-rated, accepted answer has a number of very good ideas. Any question that follows all of that guidance is ...
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How should balance questions about DND 5e UA material be best approached?

Wizards use their Unearthed Arcana blog to disseminate new 5e material for playtesting before publication. Material published there is either adapted for publishing, revised and reissued for further ...
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How to ask about changes resulting from homebrew elements or house rules?

I am currently having difficulty drafting an appropriate question for the following scneario: I have a player that wants to swap out the spellcasting ability for Warlocks in D&D 5e from Cha to Int....
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How do I present homebrew material in a critique question?

I have begun working on a homebrew class for D&D 5e and I plan to ask a critique question on once I'm finished. I figured it would be better to ask this meta question now than at the end ...
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Is it OK to answer a question about balance without suggesting any improvement?

In my recent question about a homebrew feat i have made an answer was added which said quite simply that it was "very overpowered" without giving any way to improve the content. Is this answer ...
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Should there be additional guidelines for poorly-balanced homebrew?

This is a follow-up to this question. I'd highly recommend giving it a read before proceeding. I'm posting this as a new question because DaleM brought up a good point that, in dramatic fashion, left ...
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