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How is the community doing? [2018] [duplicate]

(Largely cribbed from the 2017 check-in) We, the elected moderators, wanted to take a minute to check in and see how the community feels like things are going on the site. About a year ago we did this ...
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How do we get more questions about things besides D&D 4e?

So recently there was a negative blog post about RPG.SE. One negative blog post isn't a big deal perhaps, but I think it raises a good point. Okay! Ahhh...see here...D&D 4.0, D&D 4.0, D&...
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How to deal with questions that just don't understand the scope of the RPG landscape?

We've had several questions lately that we've been closing. What point-buy systems of magic (like psionics in 3e D&D) are there? ,
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Why people are being so rude?

We are here to help people to have fun. We are here for a hobby, not something we are being paid for. Is not our job like Stack Overflow and it is not our creed like the Religious SE. It is not about ...
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Beta stats review

As of today, our beta stats look like this: Since the last time I reviewed our stats, our percentage answered, users, answer ratio, and visits/day have held steady or improved. However, our questions ...
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Is this site for experts, or not?

On the one hand, this question here about what RPG.SE is, and this answer here about answering FATE questions, specify "[this site] is a collection of expert knowledge" and "Expert ...
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Can we improve the way we treat newcomers?

Lately, I'm encountering the following situation more and more often (at least three times this week): A relatively new user (rep of less than 150, sometimes rep of 1 [ = first post ever]) asks a ...
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Would an RPG Blog get read?

I'm curious if there's enough interest here for there to be a blog. Here's the list of what needs to be figured out: Raise the idea on the child meta. A community blog needs the involvement of ...
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"Is something wrong?" Yes: Pervasive ad hominem and judgmental behaviors

RPG's users and moderators have a number of problems as summarized in this question's answers. However, several mods have said that they can't accept meta feedback in the form of anything other than ...
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Site FAQ Attempt #2 [closed]

So it recently came up on Site approachability that our FAQ comes off as a little ... "get off my lawn". So, how can we make it better? What should be added? What should be removed? What's good the ...
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Closing questions instead of fixing really minor issues

Specifically, this one: How should I handle the rest of my party, who believe all Necromancy must be evil? There is no other rpg system that I am aware of that uses those terms - '9th level' 'wizard' ...
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