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The [rules-as-written] tag - still useful or is it junk? [duplicate]

A brief history of the [rules-as-written] tag (though all the discussion is ~2 years old): What, exactly, is the RAW tag for? (A good summary of what the tag's for and other meta Q's related to it) ...
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Can we affirm that RPG.SE embraces a plurality of playstyles?

I've recently had the dubious pleasure to have been told both that the high visibility of RAW-centric optimising online is an illusion and nobody actually plays that way in a real game, and that old-...
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Should we add a [rules-as-written] tag warning, and what should it say?

I’ve recently discovered Stack Exchange has a feature called tag warnings which cautions a person with further information about how a tag should be used. Tag warnings look like this: This example ...
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We need to talk about late votes to “policy” metas

Let me start by trying to give a definition. We’re here talking about meta discussions which strongly guide or dictate behaviour, and in particular where there are opposing, incompatible options and – ...
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What benefit does the "rules-lawyering" tag bring to our community?

Taking a look at the tag rules-lawyering, I wonder what benefit it brings to our community. Here is how I see it being used in pathfinder/dnd-3.5e questions: "I want to get correct answers." Here and ...
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A low-intervention approach [rules-as-written]: back to tagging basics

Sometime during the weeks of wrangling over the rules-as-written tag it occurred to me that, I am pretty sure, we've fallen into a fundamental error that may be the cause of all the problems: Tags ...
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Is the Only-Tag Test for meta-tag-ness broken here?

We've talked about meta tags a lot here. One thing that the last round highlighted is that we have a lot of tags that are impossible to use without a system tag. It's been said that tags like spells ...
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Burninate [players]. The tag, I mean

I've browsed through the players questions and found these ones: Questions about issues with problem-players Questions about social aspects of role-playing games or group-dynamics Question about ...
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Is there a tag for "Official rules problems"?

I recently posted this question. I was looking specifically for an official source, which I expressed by using the rules-as-written tag. However, it was quickly removed with the following reasoning: [...
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The [rules] tag has just been burninated (again), let's blacklist it

I just burninated the rules tag. It had no wiki, and appeared to be uselessly broad, since almost every question on here is about rules. I'm leaving this question here to record this burnination. If ...
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What Exactly Are the Classification Criteria for the [rules-as-written] Tag?

I seem to have been pulled in an edit war (or at least skirmish) on my question, and would like to understand the basic principles which may or may not be broken by it. My question is interested in a ...
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Synonimise [rules-lawyering] to [rules-as-written], then destroy it

From this meta Q from 2013, the rules-lawyering tag is for questions about engaging in that practice, or people doing so. It isn't for asking about strict rules interpretations; that's rules-as-...
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Can we clarify the [rules-as-written] tag wiki?

Another meta answer gives one interpretation, which is different than the tag wiki, which conflicts with how I have seen the tag used, and how it has been described to me. Can we clarify the tag wiki ...
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Reviewing the usefulness of type-of-answer tags

We've got a couple of tags that don't describe the topic of the question, but rather describe the kind of answer being sought. system-agnostic and mechanics/rules-lawyering/rules-as-written are pretty ...
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