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Please give your feedback on a new "Subjective Citation Needed" post notice

One of the tools that diamond moderators have at their disposal is the post notice. We have several different types of post notice for example, this one, for posts that require additional citations: ...
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Request for feedback on Good Subjective moderation

The idea of Good Subjective questions and answers is core to how Stack Exchange works and is essentially what allows to exist. We have this Q&A that sets the broad outline for how that idea ...
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How to address undue criticism that targets diverse answers?

I find that my opinions are being unfairly targeted by high ranking members. How can we keep the quality of the answers if diverse or taboo opinions are targeted? Two examples: How can I help our ...
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Is this site for experts, or not?

On the one hand, this question here about what RPG.SE is, and this answer here about answering FATE questions, specify "[this site] is a collection of expert knowledge" and "Expert ...
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Is homebrew an acceptable answer to a question?

Perhaps it's just the game designer in me, but for many of the questions asked here I almost automatically start thinking of homebrew solutions to whatever problem the asker is having. Would providing ...
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Am I getting serial downvotes, or are my answers suddenly this bad?

I answered from personal experience on this question. Got two downvotes in ten minutes. I've been seeing this a lot recently -- seemingly anything with a 5e tag, but that's nearly all the questions ...
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How to revisit citation expectations for subjective questions

Based on questions like Medix2's, Medix2's other question, and my earlier one, there is a big disconnect between the historical guidance for supporting subjective answers and what the community likes/...
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Uncomfortable about inconsistent application of criteria for valid answers

This is a common problem (it seems) across social related SE (gaming, workplace, interpersonal etc). The criteria for an answer require either an objective citation, or that the answer is based on a ...
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What are the citation expectations of answers on RPG Stack Exchange?

As a Stack Exchange site, answers on RPG.SE are expected to be cited and backed up, but what the expectations are exactly can be hard to find. What are the citation expectations of answers on here? ...
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How do we ask and answer subjective questions?

On RPG.SE, we deal with a fair number of questions that don't have a strict, objectively correct answer. Some game rules questions do, but we also have a good number of questions about how to run a ...
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Confusion regarding the "Good Subjective" post notice and the policy on backing up answers

This is a question for moderators as I'm not sure how else to ask this. There have been the following posts recently: "Please give your feedback on a new “Subjective Citation Needed” post notice ...
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