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Is '5e' a clear enough statement of game system by a question asker?

This post is now outdated. See the revisit instead: Revisit: ‘5e’ as sufficient system statement As a community we have a long established policy of not guessing game systems. In cases where the ...
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Re-revisiting the "don't guess the system" policy [duplicate]

Note: As of September 3rd, 2021, this policy has been removed Following the results of Revisit III: Don’t Guess the System policy this policy is no longer in effect. New guidance pending. Sometimes ...
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Does the community agree with the part of the "never guess" policy regarding asking meta first? [closed]

To quote part of KRyan's most-upvoted answer about the current policy (that was added in a later edit): [...] we could allow system tags to be edited in without the OP’s input after a Meta discussion ...
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When is it OK to assume the system without it being considered a guess?

This question was asked by a new user today. The terminology is clearly referring to D&D 5e, and they even link a related 5e Q&A. However, I still proceeded to ask the user that we cannot ...
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Should this question about "the Wildemount Chronugy subclass ability chronal shift" be tagged as D&D 5e without OP specifying it?

Straight-forward: this question has caused an edit war and a close-reopen-close war. The argument for tagging and reopening is: The splat book only exists in DnD-5e, so it's not guessing – Pureferret ...
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What qualifies as guessing on a system?

Two questions in quick succession, Do Hexblade warlocks choose their spells from the Hexblade spell list or the warlock spell list? and What’s the right calculation for the Homunculus’s hit points ...
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What to do when encountering a non-system tag that describes a system?

This discussion is inspired by Magus Spell Scars. The question doesn't clearly state which system it uses in the text, which is normally a case of Don't guess the system. But the author tagged the ...
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Can we reopen this item stacking question?

Do these items stack? was closed and has comments requesting an edition and system be specified. However, the question appears to clearly indicate its game already: it cites a book (Tasha's Cauldron ...
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5e question that doesn't have a system tag

So I saw this question today: Does Favored by the Gods work with counterspell rolls? I believe this is obviously a D&D 5e question because: In the question it says "5e" It also mentions ...
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Discussion on thread "Artificer Eldritch Cannon Protector temp hit points and Wildshape"

Currently there is an edit war with regards to the [dnd-5e] tag on this question: Artificer Eldritch Cannon Protector temp hit points and Wildshape The question is unambiguously about D&D 5e, but ...
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