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For questions about ads shown on the Role-Playing Games Stack Exchange site. (If discussing ways of promoting RPG.SE itself, use the [site-promotion] tag instead.)

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Community ads broken?

I noticed a blank ad, and clicked on the Stats link to see this: Something seems broken. I note that the Community Promotion Ads meta question is fine, all the images are there.
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community promotion ad to run on worldbuilding.SE

Many of us enjoy the work of our friends over at worldbuilding.SE, and their ad here has been well-received. I wonder if we'd like to reciprocate with an rpg.SE ad to run in their community promotion? ...
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1 answer

This year's Community Ads are NOT being served

The community ads from 2015 are still being served. I don't know if this is normal during some kind of transition phase or if it's a legit bug, as I never would have noticed were it not for the new ad ...
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The ads dashboard uses the old ad size [duplicate]

The ad dashboard for 2016 uses the old size for the ads.
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The Community Ads Stats page is still using the old ad dimensions

The Community Promotion Ad Statics page is still using the old Community Ad dimensions, which makes the images in it squashed.
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Our Community Ads place holder is still using the old dimensions

The sidebar got expanded to 300px the other day, so the latest community ads look like this: But our place holder on the CDN still looks like this: It should become 300 × 250 too.
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11 answers

Community Promotion Ads - 2016 [duplicate]

It's 2016 now, and we've made some changes to the sidebar size. As such, we can now restart the Community Promotion Ads for 2016! Keep in mind, we have updated some of the guidelines compared to ...
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Are our community promotion ads working as described?

According to the community ads thread, ads will only be shown if they reach a score of positive 6. The ad from movies.stackexchange is at -3 (because it's an eyesore), but it just came up on the site ...
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Off-site Community Promotion Ads

As far as I know, we don't have any RPG.SE ads to submit to the Community Promo metas on other Stacks. (We have this ad made by Jin for general web promo, but it's the wrong size and shape for ...
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Mouseover text for community promotion ad says 2012

The advert for Community promotion ad says 2012 in its mouseover text, but the graphic links you to a 2013 site. Blah blah attention to detail yada yada? Obligatory:
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Multiple Community ads for the same project

I just saw that there are two different ads for at the Community Promotion Ads 2013 question. Does that mean it is ok to post more than one ad for a single project?
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