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For questions primarily involving either the Stack Exchange chat system in general or specific chat rooms for the Role-Playing Games Stack Exchange site.

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Why does the chat link on the right-hand sidebar only show up sometimes?

I currently have open in three different tabs. In one of them, the right-hand sidebar has links to two chat rooms: In the other two, there's just ads (...
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Escape key doesn't clear direct reply bubble while suspended

(not sure if bug or not) I recently had a 30 minute suspension. You can still be replied to while suspended, which pops up a little orange bubble-counter. Under normal use, you can press escape ...
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37 views reputation bug

My user profile suddenly (last known normal ~7 hours ago) has 0 rep and so, of course, I can't talk in I can still talk in a side chatroom I've had going. I've been hit by what ...
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