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This tag is for posts looking to raise meta discussions about specific closed questions or the closure of a specific question, as well as for questions about the concept of a closed question in general.

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Statistics on Questions Closed and Reopened in 2016

Shog9 has put together a bunch of statistics on question closing and reopening in 2016 for all the sites on MSE: 2016: a year in closing. I've pulled in the data for just here, for the ...
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This question about a problem from a player's perspective is not answered by the linked duplicate question from a DM's perspective

Can you make a single roll multiple times? was marked as duplicate and at first "I failed to open a lock. Now what?" was the only linked 'duplicate' question. Taking a look at its answers I found ...
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Can this question about the Sense Motive skill be reopened?

This question for Pathfinder about how to use the Sense Motive skill is marked as a duplicate of this question for Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition about how to use the Insight skill. While these ...
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Getting a "This question has been put on-hold since you loaded the page" popup when trying to flag my (closed) question on mobile

My question was closed as off-topic, and it was suggested that Board & Card Games would be a better location. Okay; that works just as well. So I went to flag to request migration. I was on ...
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My question was closed as too broad, but I thought it was very filtered and refined. Why?

The question on trial: What creature(s) can a Moon Druid transform into that would benefit from humanoid armor? TL, DR: When druids shapeshift, is there a valid form that benefits from their armor? ...
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