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For all questions that are primarily about comments - both on mainsite and on Meta. (If a more relevant/appropriate tag exists, it may be used alongside or instead of this one.)

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Why are site comments being deleted?

Some site users have noticed old comments being deleted. This is correct - site comments are meant to be a mostly temporary means of improving questions and answers. Here's an explanation of the ...
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Should users refrain from answers (or partial answers) in comments?

There are situations, when you know something that is related to the question, but it's too insubstantial to be a proper answer. For example, let's imagine a question: In which edition of game X ...
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Can we require comments on downvotes?

Perhaps I'm the only one noticing this, but I've seen several Questions and Answers around here that have been downvoted for no apparent reason. What's worse, is that no reason for the downvote is ...
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Why is an answer being downvoted without any comments?

An answer has multiple downvotes but nobody has left a comment explaining what's wrong with the answer or why they downvoted. Why hasn't anyone explained their downvote? Return to FAQ Index
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A chart of comments per user

On the RPG Data Explorer ... I've made a query of the number of comments per user. The results, especially done as a ratio of comments over posts is fascinating. At this point, I will simply ...
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We could use some more pro-forma comments

I'd like to brainstorm some possibilities for the modal comment-interventions that we tend to do: Welcome to the site, but your question needs work because reasons Welcome to the site, but your ...
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Pre-made comments: A resource-gathering & workshopping thread

Pre-made comments are awesome. They're also super powerful tools. Let's workshop some new ones and improve the old ones! You've probably seen pre-made comments[i] used across the site by moderators, ...
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I have some information to add to help someone solve their issue, do I answer or comment?

So, this has happened to me multiple times now, and to be honest it's getting frustrating as a casual user of this particular SE (especially since the judgements seem less cut-and-dried than other SE'...
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Could we have a [tour] short link in comments?

In comments, [help] expands to the text help center (with a link), [chat] expands to the text Role-playing Games Chat (with a ...
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How can the policy regarding discussions in comments be improved?

As is the nature of role playing games, the rules are very often incomplete and open to interpretation. This can often spawn differences of opinion on answers and lead to lengthly comments over ...
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Is there a reason for RPG.SE deleting comments especially "radical"? [duplicate]

I noted this now a few times that comments are never lasting very long here. Is there a reason for this SE site handling it that way so much more strictly compared to other SE sites? Or is it just ...
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Can we re-evaluate our comment deletion policy? (or at least have access to the data?)

Over the past several weeks, moderator comment deletion has been regular and heavy handed. I'm generally good with this (I'm on record as saying I'm far more likely to delete an entire comment stream ...
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What should I do if the most valuable response came in a comment rather than an answer?

Yesterday I asked a question, and while I received some really solid answers, I found the most helpful response to come from a comment. I have already urged the commenter to boil down the essence of ...
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How much of an answer/suggestion should be in comments to questions? [duplicate]

Here's a scenario: New user asks question ignorant of the site's format. While some are commenting on their question and their question is/is not getting closed, others "answer" in the comments to ...
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What's with the policy on deleting answer comments on closed questions?

I understand that the policy is not to allow any answers whatsoever in the comments, but there is a bit of a weird situation when it comes to [closed] questions. Lately I've been encountering a lot of ...
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Comments explaining downvotes being deleted

When you downvote a post, a popup appears urging you to explain in a comment why you downvoted. Now this happened: Wow, can I ask the reason of the downvotes? – Vereos 46 mins ago I downvoted, ...
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Could we have a shortcut "magic link" to the "Good Subjective, Bad Subjective" blog post?

Mainly, just like we map [help] and [tour], I'd love to be able to map [gsbs] to the Stack Overflow blog post "Good Subjective, Bad Subjective" (
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Who should make welcoming comments?

When a new user posts their first question, there is often a need to clarify certain aspects of how this site works. This is usually done by a friendly comment starting with "Welcome to the site" or ...
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Community♦ shouldn't be asking people to show "working code" on RPG.SE

I've just discovered a comment from the Community bot under an answer that says the following: Please add further details to expand on your answer, such as working code or documentation citations. – ...
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Downvoting behaviour does not enable me to improve my post

This is not about venting about the downvotes on my post. Let's agree that my post does contain mistakes and that my comments down the road were driven by frustration. I'd like to share why I was ...
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3 answers

When is a comment not a comment?

In the help, valid comments are referred to thusly: Use comments to ask for more information or clarify a question or answer. So, that I get... when the question/answer isn't clear, you ask to get ...
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3 answers

Definition of a valid comment

I'm noticing that my comments are getting deleted, and I'm wondering what the feel is here for that. According to this, it seems as though the purpose for comments is for asking follow-up questions ...
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3 answers

Should we be slower about deleting obsolete comments?

In the post What does the court dialect of Infernal sound like? I initially seemingly wasn't pretty clear about what I'm looking for. I tried to clarify through edits, comments and help of other ...
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Does Deleting Comments Impede People from Earning the Pundit Badge?

I was skimming through the site's awarded badges and noticed that the Pundit badge has only been awarded 92 times, which seemed rather low considering the requirements. Given that mods will do ...
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What is the best way to respond to an incorrect answer when a comment is not enough?

I just had an answer to the question What can someone do while forced to doff armor from the heat metal spell removed, with the suggestion that it might be better as a comment. I initially started ...
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Downvotes - comment or negative reputation?

I have a question about the efficient use of downvotes. People are downvoting without any comments; such behaviour is not necessarily constructive, but I generally agree with the logic presented in ...
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I was told to not correct misconceptions in the question comments, what should I do instead?

Sometimes, the asker includes misconceptions in their question. The most recent example is here, where OP assumes the Barbarian resistances from rage only work for non-magical effects. In these ...
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Flagging comments for deletion: flag one or all?

This may be a bit of a small issue but I was wondering if there's any guidance on whether one should flag all comments in a thread for deletion if they're no longer helpful (or never were to begin ...
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Should answerers and querents flag comments they folded in?

According to the consensus over on Why are site comments being deleted?, comments that have been folded in to a question or answer are eligible to be deleted because they are Obsolete. This helps to ...
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What to do about comment misuse?

In the recent community checkin post How is the community doing? [2018], the two most highly voted complaints (at the time of this writing) are about comment misuse - namely: Answering in comments (...
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When someone updates their post with my comment, should I remove my comment?

Related: How are comments removed when they are no longer relevant? Should I remove my own comments or flag them as obsolete if my suggestion or advise is absorbed into the post on which I commented?
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3 answers

When should I comment?

I am looking for an expanded and explained explanation of when I should and should not comment. I keep being told to stop posting inappropriate comments, and being pointed to explanations of what is ...
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What is the user policy for up-voting on comments, incorporating the advice of the comment, and then flagging the comment as no longer needed?

While answering questions I frequently receive comments, a fraction of these are helpful and offer advice that I incorporate into my answers. Do I up-vote these comments and then flag them for ...
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4 answers

I have a partial answer or useful response to a question, but I cannot create a full answer out of it. What should I do? [duplicate]

Suppose I'm reading a question. It's interesting, I want to help, and I can immediately think of one or two insights that would be useful in constructing or improving a good answer to that question. ...
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Does Editing a Comment with a Ping in it Re-Ping the Mentioned User?

Specifics are not important for so general a question, but I was responding to a comment from another user under one of my answers and realized that I didn't know. This user seemed upset with my ...
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Is it bad form to ask why a comment was deleted (in comment)?

I had a clarification question on Can a creature use both its melee and ranged natural attacks during a full attack? so I left a comment which actually helped me formulate an answer. On writeup and ...
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Why are Comments deleted but Edit History is retained?

I've read some posts here on RPG Meta about comment deletion and it seems the overarching goals are to reduce clutter, diminish distracting information on the site, and maintain the focus of SE as ...
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How are comments removed when they are no longer relevant?

I see that a comment can be flagged but I take that as a function for comments that are offensive in some way. In cases where a comment is not relevant because the question/answer has morphed in to ...
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How to correctly suggest changes to a post?

You see an answer, it has some problems. It makes incorrect assertions, it makes assumptions, it isn't logical, it doesn't have quotes, there are some other issues. How can you communicate problems ...
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Can the moderators delete comments on an answer?

The question "Can a character elect to be considered "running" or "sprinting" even if they don't exceed their walk rate?" has an accepted answer. Another user disagrees with ...
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Further Reading in Questions, not comments

A useful kind of comment we get on both questions and answers frequently goes as follows: Related: [link description](link target) or, less helpfully: [Related](link target) When this is, in ...
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Have we considered generating a chat for each comment section?

I had a thought last night that when people are leaving a comment on a question or an answer, they are trying to engage with the person who wrote that question or answer. Many times, there is hope ...
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Voting down has to be revised

Quoting the official description of downvoting priveledge: Use your downvotes whenever you encounter an egregiously sloppy, no-effort-expended post, or an answer that is clearly and perhaps ...
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